Thoughts from the corn field

  • Bobby Johnson is changing QB’s after the loss to Mississippi State.  This type of thing won’t win you friends at your potential future employer.
  • Tim Tucker from the AJC, in part 29 of a long running multi-author series, questions why Georgia can’t score TD’s.  Nothing new discovered; part 30 to follow in November after the Dawgs win a game with 6 FG’s against someone.
  • However, I am not a fan of this quote from Mike Bobo (from the same article): “Really, sometimes if you don’t score [a touchdown in the red zone], it’s disappointing, but if you’re able to get a field goal, there’s nothing wrong with getting points.”  While I like that we almost always put points on the board, I don’t like the underlying thought that a field goal is like a touchdown’s little brother.  Point wise, maybe. Psycologically, not even close.
  • Congrats to Clint Boling on being named SEC offensive lineman of the week.  Good to see him get honored after his great performance, especially on the manhood robbing eleven minute drive in the fourth quarter.
  • Paul Westerdawg has an interesting bit about the possibility of a night game in the bayou against LSU. Since I plan on am going, I am intrigued.
  • Speaking of the Georgia Sports Blog, PWD has his normal solid analysis on who will replace Tommy Bowden as the longest tenured coach without a BCS appearance.
  • The Mumme Poll is out.  The only real surprise to me is Southern Cal at number five.
  • Auburn might be thinking Clemson is on to something.  Personally, I think Tubberville is a decent OC, a good QB, and a couple of Steven Covey books away from being dangerous.  That might not be possible, now that I think about it.


1 Response to “Thoughts from the corn field”

  1. October 15, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    Thanks for the link. Upon further review, I think we’re going to play LSU at 3:30 EST. The ESPN site had the same times up for UT vs. Bama, too. I just got suckered in.

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A Georgia Dawg in the Mid-West alone with his thoughts.

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