In the glaring light of day

As I worked on my Mumme Poll ballot, a couple of things became obvious from games going on while I was needlessly fretting:

  • No one in the ACC actually wants to play in the ACC championship game. I’d say it is probably going to be a rematch of BC and Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship game, although I am not sure anyone but NC State and Clemson can be counted out yet.  They might want to move it to a more cozy stadium than Raymond James, since BC is 1300+ miles from Tampa and Tech doesn’t fill their own 55000 seat stadium.  I predict this will look very familiar:
If BC and Georgia Tech play football in the forest, does anyone care?

If BC and Georgia Tech fall down in the forest, does anyone care?

  • Washington State is probably bad enough to crack this list.  Good thing Jerry Glanville had an open date on Sept 20 to fill.
  • Michigan State is a one horse team.
  • The same Maryland team that lost by 31 to Virginia last week hung 26 and a goose egg on Wake.  The ACC is as messed up as the Big East.
  • Looks like Jeff Bower wasn’t the problem at Southern Miss.
  • Looks like Tommy Bowden wasn’t the problem at Clemson.
  • Northwestern isn’t a great team for beating a terrible Purdue team this week.  Their season ending game against Illinois could end up being for a trip to Orlando instead of Detroit.
  • TCU might become the first non-Big 6 team to get into the BCS with a loss. Their only loss is to Oklahoma State and their defense is as good as most of the teams in the Big 12.
  • Utah actually got hurt by BYU’s loss.
  • No one in the Big 12 plays defense.
  • Tennessee played the game we all thought they would play last week.
  • Kentucky is not the same team without Dicky Lyons, Jr.
  • California=Pretenders (not the cool band, either).

Getting back to Georgia-Vandy, I knew the Dawgs were better than Vandy, but didn’t know it was by 180 yards.  The more I think about it, I realize the Dawg defense is solid, but unspectatular at this point in the season.  Vandy was held to 10 points under their scoring average.  The ‘Dores had two drives ending in scores.  One of those drives started at the Dawg’s 26.  Solid.   Offensivley, we are scattered.  Youth on the offensive line is only part of the issue.  Overall, the Dawgs kept things pretty vanilla, but pulled out just enough to win.  However, very untimely penaties (note I didn’t say too many penalties) and not taking advantage of turnover opportunties are the difference between Outback Bowl teams and Sugar Bowl teams.  Thankfully, under Coach Ritch, the Dawgs has shown a tendency to ramp it up for this part of the schedule.  Let’s hope they do.

(Editorial note: After finishing this post, I did a quick look around the internet.   Sen. Blutarsky has a more succinct breakdown on the defense or lack thereof in the Big 12, how bad the ACC is and Washington State, plus he calls Stephen Garcia a dipwad. Good to know I’m not on my own with some of my observations.)


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