Thoughts from the corn field

  • The Mumme Poll is out.  USC is still a surprise in the top 5, as is any vote for Big East teams.
  • Tim Tebow thinks he knows who he will vote for on his Heisman Ballot.  I don’t have to like him to think he is a class act, do I?
  • Ted Miller of the Seattle Post-Intelligence takes a gratuitous swipe at Georgia while making a good point about scheduling.  I guess the school he used to cover has too tough a schedule to make the proper comparison. I believe he makes an invalid assumption about Washington’s record if they play Texas Tech’s early season schedule.  The Huskies would lose to Eastern Washington and Nevada.  Thankfully, they get Washington State before the season is over.
  • Georgia Tech’s forth leading receiver, Tyler Melton, is hurt.  This means the Jackets will only throw it 10.9 times a game instead of 11.1 times a game, since you know, you just can’t trust your quarterback to go slinging it everywhere in the 1920’s.
  • Speaking of Georgia Tech-Virginia, any one think this is the game to determine the ACC Atlan Coast Atlantic (is that right?) champion?  Georgia Tech needs some help, since they lost to Virginia Tech earlier, but a win over the Cavaliers will keep their Tampa dreams alive.  A Wahoo win essentially sets up the winner of Virginia-Virginia Tech to go.  I cannot believe I took the time to figure that much out.
  • Kyle at Dawg Sports made my head hurt, but I think he brings up some great points and asks the questions Mike Bobo and Stacey Searles have been asking each other since about 11pm Saturday.
  • Georgia isn’t the only team that has players celebrating homecoming illegally.  Thankfully it wasn’t for anything serious.  Apparently beating down a woman isn’t enough for a suspension in the Big 10.
  • Speaking of, I guess The Celebration caused this, too.  If the AJC website needs hits, you can bet someone will link the two.
  • I’m sorry, but seeing an official knock down Stephen Garcia is just funny.
  • We’ve gottem’ right where we want ’em.  Schlabach views the team that lost at home to Ole’ Miss as the horse to beat in the SEC East and the team that lost to number 2 Alabama as the dark horse due to that team’s suddenly tough schedule.  Wait, haven’t we known that all along?
  • Will anyone win the Big East?  Pitts looks like they might just sneak into the BCS and get Dave Wanstache out of the waiting room for this list with West Virginia at home being their key remaining game.  Of course, payback would be sweet revenge for the Mountaineers.
  • With Georgia-LSU going off at 2:30 Central, what is the over-under on the time of day the stadium announcer yells “It’s almost nighttime on the bayou!”  I say 2:52.
  • Don’t say Quinton didn’t warn you.
  • Finally, on Georgia-LSU, a semi-helpful diagram to show where the visitors sit in Tiger Stadium:


2 Responses to “Thoughts from the corn field”

  1. 1 Jimmy Cracked Corndawg
    October 21, 2008 at 9:03 pm

    Is an “official knock down” anything like a “bitch slapdown” and does it involve Buddy Baker?

    I “kissing your sister” always a bad thing? I mean, what if she’s actually your step-sister and she’s really hot? You know, like Greg and Marcia (Marsha?)?

    Winning the Big East? I didn’t know they still had that.

  2. 2 bulldoginexile
    October 22, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    Kissing your sister isn’t always a bad thing. I guess you could grow up way off from each other. I meant the ‘the end of prom night a peck on the cheek kind of kiss’, not the hot make out kiss promised on ‘Cruel Intentions’.

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