Ten things you need to know about Georgia at LSU

  1. The Dawgs are a scary good offensive team when everyone well plays together.  We saw that for the third and fourth times this season in the first offensive drive of the game (14 plays, 78 yds, 6:24 TD drive) and Knowshon’s 68 yard run.  Both drives illustrate the significant upside from the improvement of our offensive line play.
  2. Interceptions will cure what ills you.  Gamble is being asked to fill some pretty big shoes.  Both of his interceptions were big time read and react plays.  If he learns to read offenses and figure out pass or run more quickly, he could be All-SEC next year.
  3. The crowd never came close to rattling the Dawgs.  Of course, it helps to put six on the board with the first play from scrimmage without actually being on offense.  Still, the only time the vaunted twelfth man really got cranked up was after LSU tied it in the first quarter.  The resulting drive (see #1 above) immediately shut them down.
  4. For all the deserved hype about Florida’s special teams, I’ll take Brian Mimbs and Blair Walsh all day long.  Mimbs averaged 50 yards a kick.  A special nod goes to the coverage teams.  This guy is pretty good, but he was held to a pedestrian 9 yds/punt return.
  5. Bobo had a career game as an offensive coordinator.  The pass play to White was a genius call.  The QB sneak was as well.  The offensive play calling was very proactive and seemed to stay one step ahead of the defenses being put on the field.
  6. No passes were dropped.  Touchdowns were scored, just the way it was drawn up by Johnny Heisman at Penn in 1901.
  7. Blair Walsh is big time.
  8. Tackling remains a concern.  Defensively, the Dawgs spent too much time in the fourth quarter playing like they were just ready to get off the field and go home.  Reshard Jones absolutely let LaFell run into the end zone on LSU’s last TD.  Blutarsky put it best when he said the defense looked like a bunch of guys checking their watches in the fourth.  I agree, but am much less glib about it.
  9. Someone needs to send the UF students Knowshon’s email address or whatever.  He was lights out.
  10. We left some plays on a white board in Athens.  After last week, it seemed to me that the coaches were keeping it very vanilla.  This week it felt the same at times.  We did add a couple of wrinkles, especially on defense.  There were a couple of sets that I was convinced we were going to blitz everyone we could get to the ball, but backed off.  Don’t be surprised to see more looks like that next week that materialize into full blitzes.

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