Urban Meyer doesn’t care, its not a big deal

St. Urban has ordered his team to keep it quiet as we lead into the Georgia/Florida game this week.  It isn’t a bad tactic, since a number of his players could provide some good bulletin board fodder for Georgia.  Immediately after the game last year, Brandon Spikes called it a ‘big disrespect’ and Timothy the Great called it a dumb move just last week.

According to Coach Meyer, it isn’t a big deal, that this is just another game.  Yeah, right.

Just in case you missed it, when his humbleness published his book “Urban’s Way” back in the spring, he pulled a Bob Dole and referred to himself in third person

“It wasn’t right. It was a bad deal. And it will forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer and in the mind of our football team. … So we’ll handle it. And it’s going to be a big deal.”

I look for the Gators to come out in all orange and for them to wear lizard contacts.  I think they will do a choreographed routine ala “The Westside Story” if they score first.  Perhaps they will all do the gator cho…nevermind.

In all seriousness, the game is the big deal.  Sure Urban Meyer cares.  He’s mad he didn’t think of doing the celebration.  A couple of quick 3 and outs and TDs from the Dawgs will keep whatever the Gators have planned under wraps.


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