ahh, the weekend

  • Which game means more to the national championship race, Texas at Texas Tech or Georgia/Florida?  I think there is a good analogy between the SEC East and the Big 12 South (although it is safe to say that the Big 12 South is quite a bit stronger in the middle).  Georiga/Florida matches up much more closely than Texas/Texas Tech.  Strangely enough, Flordia is the more favored team, even though the Gators lost to a 4-4 team, something I am still trying to get my head around.
  • Trev Albert picks Georgia over Florida.  He likes Stafford to step up and be the difference.  Trev is practically the only one.
  • Phil Steele goes the other way.  He likes Tebow to be the difference.
  • JJ at Catfish and Cornbread thinks this is the week Knowshon gets back into the discussion about a trip to NY in December.  I like Knowshon’s chances, but don’t see any way he catches Colt McCoy, even though he will get much love this week with a big performance against Flordia.
  • Pulpwood is back.  He is still vulgar.
  • David Hale has ten questions about the game this weekend.  My favorite: “Does Urban Meyers have a complete breakdown if Georgia wins again?
  • Ally at the Road to Copacetic implores you to cut your mullet.
  • Doug at Hey Jenny Slater makes a confession.  I don’t like to admit it, but he is right, especially about his respect for Tebow and his love of being a Gator.  I don’t know why he would love being a Gator, but I completely understand the love of it.
  • Matt Hayes has a list of coaches that might have moved off the hot seat.  The fact that Bill Stewart is on the list and that he lists West Virginia’s win over Auburn as a big win both really confuse me.
  • Upset alert: Nebraska over Oklahoma.
  • After watching South Florida and Cincy, the Big East should be demoted to D1-AA, at the minimum.

2 Responses to “ahh, the weekend”

  1. 1 Oshea2002
    October 31, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    Stewart should absolutely be on the hot seat. Hiring someone who the player wanted based off of one bowl win is insane – how’d that work out for Michigan State a few years back?

  2. 2 cousinwalter
    October 31, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    Bill Stewart’s job was safe the moment he signed a 6 year contract after defeating Kansas in the Orange Bowl. No way out for West Virginia.

    By the way, Phil Steele has swung and missed in picking the Georgia game every game this season. Whether it was picking them to lose to South Carolina or to beat bama or picking them to cover against UT and Vandy– he missed. He also had Arizona State covering against the Dawgs and that did not work out either. Steele’s preseason pick for the Championship was Florida over Ohio State (again!)

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