“Life is like a dogsled team, If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes”

After the game yesterday, I wrote

I don’t wish to go to the bad place where hyperbole overtakes common sense, but 2008 is a disappointment, that much is sure.   While  trip to Orlando or Dallas is in the offing, it just feels like not going to Atlanta and at least New Orleans is somehow a waste.  I know that isn’t the case, but it feels that way right now.

A decent night sleep and another warm, sunny day in Central Illinois with golf sure makes things a little better.  Not ok, but better.

After thinking about what I wrote last night, I realize why this one hurts so much more.  It is disappointing to not compete.  I remember a time not so long ago that the highest the Dawgs dare dream was winning the SEC East.  Now we expect to be competitive for the SEC championship.  Every year.  How far have we come that we are disappointed we don’t go to those games?  Quite far and I like it.

We need to have our rationalizations, our ramblings, our catharsis.  I am between Sen. Blutarsky and Kyle on this one.  I was shocked.  I expect Georgia to be competitive, every game, for a full game.  I felt we would be yesterday.  I made the statement yesterday morning that this game had the makings of a 21-17, last second touchdown kind of thing, going either way.   Of course, I never counted on four turnovers netting Florida 200 yards.  I never counted on Blair Walsh missing two field goals.  I never counted on the defense giving up half way through the third quarter.

On our offensive coaching:  our schemes were as vanilla as we seen all season.  When Gary Danielson is calling plays before you run them, I have to believe Charlie Strong or Charlie Pride, for that matter, knows what you are about to run.  There were times when we were ‘little kid hiding behind the door yelling for daddy to come find us’ bad at masking our plays.  I can think of only three reasons to have such predictable play calling.  First, the coach calling the play is too conservative and doesn’t trust his instincts, so he goes with plays that he knows he has the personnel to run.  An example would be the weak-side fade, with someone like AJ Green matched up one on one with a 5’9″ safety or pounding Chapas/Munzenmaier/Southerland from one yard out.  Second, the coach lacks the intellectual sophistication to effectively call plays that keep the other guy guessing.  A good example is running the same halfback screen that has been picked off at least once before on the same down and distance situation as you have called at least five times in the past three games.  Third, your team lacks the players to effectively run certain plays in certain situations.   An example I can think of is the series against Tennessee that went for 10+minutes, but ended in a field goal due to very bland blocking schemes at the 7 yard line.  Yesterday was a perfect storm of all three. I cannot imagine Mike Bobo isn’t just completely beside himself after this one.

To the defense:  thanks for keeping us in the first half.

In many ways, this was the antithesis of the LSU game.  Maybe that is what is the most galling thing of all.  While the defense was opportunistic and aggressive last week, it was not much of either this week.  While the offensive play calling was proactive at times last week, it was reactive this week.  If the Dawgs play anything like they did last week, the score is very different, maybe not a win, but not a blow out of historic proportions.

A personal note. I am all for discourse. Feel free, Georgia fan or otherwise to leave comments where ever you like.  One request: don’t write something you wouldn’t say to my face.  If you want my email, phone number or address, I am happy to give it to you.  When your big boy pants are big enough to say some of the things I have seen on message boards and comments on other blogs to my face or at least with a username and valid email, you’ll have my respect for your right to espouse those views.  Otherwise, you are on the same level as a two time out calling, no handshaking D-bag, whether you wear red and black or not (and yes, I’d say that to his face, given the chance).

Finally, I know many of us are disappointed and thinking we are going to a ‘crappy’ bowl game against a ‘crappy’ Big 10 team.  That attitude is awesome, as long as it is disappointment, not derision.  We still have a season to finish.  We still have a team to support.  We still have a streak against Georgia Tech to continue (keeping in mind many people think the Bees play in the BCS).  We still have a bowl game to win and a Big 10 team to dominate, lest we become a fan base like, well, a ‘crappy’ Big 10 team.

Go Dawgs!


3 Responses to ““Life is like a dogsled team, If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes””

  1. November 3, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    Are you getting nasty comments from Gator fans? They’re soooo classy. I’ve deleted one or two from my site that were just over the top and I’m a First Amendment junky.

    I don’t know, I guess all is right with the world again. We’re the Gators whipping post. I keep hoping someday it’s going to change back to the way it SHOULD be.

  2. 2 Jimmy Cracked Corndawg
    November 3, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    According to Volquest, thelong list to replace Phat Phil:

    Lane Kiffin, Will Muschamp, Jim Grobe, Brian Kelly, Tim Brewster, Gary Patterson, Turner Gill, Mike Leach, Doug Marrone, Charlie Strong and Mike Locksley.

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