Soylent Green is people!

As I was looking around the Internets this evening, I came across Jeff Schultz’s piece that was well too written to have been penned this afternoon. Oh, he includes some quotes from today.  Quotes that drive me crazy.  They drive me crazy because of the content of the quotes and the mindset it shows the team is in and drive me crazy because of Schultz’s use of those quotes to make his point.

His point is a good one, well, a valid one.  One that many, many, many, many people have already made.  Namely, Georgia doesn’t look well coached.  Look, this isn’t news at all.  If I am thinking that Georgia doesn’t seem well coached at times, a virtual football genius like Schultz, with all the resources the AJC has at its disposal and this guy sitting next to him, should be hitting this out of the park.  Sarcasm, it’s the new white meat.

He goes through the litany of issues:

  • Penalties to the tune of 95 yards
  • Continued poor special teams play
  • The fact that Auburn moved the ball some

Wait, that’s it?

There are a myriad of problems with Georgia’s play at times.  The penalties are maddening, but with the exception of Mo Mass’ offensive pass interference penalty and the flinch of the end on the fake punt in the fourth quarter, nothing was a drive changer.  Actually, Prince Miller’s pass interference might have been a pretty good one, considering where it happened and the outcome.  The special teams play was not good again, but punting was great (45+ yrd average and 3 inside the 20).  Auburn was held below their average points and yards per game.  If you are going to talk about coaching, talk about the poor tackling on Fannin’s 35 yard TD run or the lack of contain during both the 90 yard drive or the final drive.  Talk about the ever increasing ways the offense finds to self-stop drives.  Talk about the continued reliance on the angle kickoffs.

Look, the big problem I have with this team this year is the lack of passion displayed at times.  There are large periods of many games that it seems the Dawgs are just going through the motions.  Today’s game was no exception.  I don’t believe it is lack of trying.  I don’t believe it is lack of practice.

There are times it seems we run plays that the other coaches know what defense to have out there.  There are times it seems we play prevent defense on first and ten in the second quarter.  I know just enough about defense to know that if our defense scheme depends on speed rush at the ends and big time stoppers in the middle and your speed rush isn’t speedy enough, a lot of QBs are going to be able to pick your D apart with short passes, underneath hand offs and QB runs.  There are entire games that the defense doesn’t hit hard or pursue well or swarm to the ball.  Those issues do point to coaching and scheme issues.

I don’t believe people should be fired.  I do think we have some issues at the “DNA level,” to quote Paul Westerdawg, that need to be addressed.  What I don’t need is another pejorative, pre-written article from an idiot at the AJC claiming to have discovered something earth shattering.  I would prefer those guys stick to making ridiculous claims about which program in the state is better or that The Celebration is the reason the economy is so bad.


2 Responses to “Soylent Green is people!”

  1. November 16, 2008 at 1:05 am

    All I know is that it was a miserable game. It seems to be that our opponents dictate the terms of play and we manage to scrimp our way to a win. I’m about fed up. But I know that sounds ungrateful when we’ve got a 9-2 team.

  2. 2 bulldoginexile
    November 16, 2008 at 7:50 am

    I agree, with one caveat. Under Donnan and Goff, Georgia would give up the game winner yesterday and last week. That is due to coaching.

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