Mumme Poll, Week of November 16

My Mumme Poll ballot for this week:

Texas Tech

Ohio State
Oklahoma State
Penn State

  • Easiest Poll yet, no changes, no reason to make changes.
  • Last team in: Georgia.
  • Also considered: Boise State, BYU, Michigan State.
  • Never considered: Ball State, TCU, any ACC team, any Big East team.

Seriously, this is just one of those weeks where you look at the poll, you look at what you had before and just say ok, let’s go with this again.  I toyed with Michigan State over Georgia, but the rational side of my inner college football fan couldn’t let a team that lost to the number 8 team and an unranked team over a team that lost to the number one team and number four team, regardless of how the Dawgs are beating folks.


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