From the Corn Field

  • PWD has his review of the men’s basketball season.  I noted the Loyola game earlier and stand firmly with him on one thing: this is a make or break year for Coach Felton.  I am not demanding anything either, just making an observation.  The other observation I have is that the quote from the article above is dead on for his entire tenure at Georgia, save four magical days in Atlanta last March.
  • Speaking of PWD, he and Blutarsky do a good pieces that succinctly sums up what I have felt about this football season, but keep whiffing when I try to get it down properly.  My low point was the loss against Vandy at homecoming in 94.  I got into a fight with my ex-wife right before the 95 Georgia-Florida game and ended up both missing the game and costing myself another two years being married to her.  In retrospect, the 95 game might have been my low point.
  • Will Muschamp, coach in waiting.  Mack Brown has many good years left, so this looks like a ruse to give Muschamp a ridiculous raise and a cool title to keep him from flirting with other schools right now.  Apparently everything is bigger in Texas.
  • Fox is out of the BCS broadcast business after 2010.  No more Nomar, no more confusing the DAWGS with the Gators.  No more Thom Brennaman, at least for those of you without the Big 10 network.
  • Speaking of, does anyone besides me like that the SEC and ESPN are affiliated and the Big 10 is affiliated with Fox.  There is a metaphor there somewhere.
  • Mack at Blogging Pantsless notes the petition trying to convince a couple of guys to play some more college ball.
  • Catfish and Cornbread discusses Coach Perno’s signings.  The hidden gem in the class: Brett Deloach from Blackshear.
  • The Thinking Bulldog closely examines the weight of expectations and how that is contributing to the general blahness felt about this football season by the Dawg Nation.  Interesting read, especially his conclusion that the most important play of the year was the one in which Jeff Owen was lost for the year.

As an aside, I have to say that I don’t get the notion of ‘football weather’ and why it has to be cold, wet (or icy) and unbearably windy.  Look, there is something cool about an NFC championship game in Green Bay with it in the teens, but there is nothing at all exciting about watching Michigan/Northwestern or Illinois/Ohio State in that kind of weather.  No wonder people here get jazzed about the Champs Sports Bowl; it means a week in the winter spent somewhere besides here.  If this were ‘real’ football weather, there would be more bowls in places like Buffalo and Detroit.  Nevermind.


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