Ah, the weekend-special dis on Tech edition

I have stayed away from Tech bashing this week for many reasons.  The foremost is that I just don’t care that much about them.  Oh, I love beating them.  I love the thought of Reggie Ball nearly throwing it into my waiting hands in section 121 at Sanford on fourth down.  I love the asininity of the ‘you’ll work for us one day’ taunt (as an aside, I have never worked for a Tech grad, but have had two work for me over the years) and acutally pwned one in court once.  I love owning Grant Field and making it seem like an action figured sized Sanford Stadium once every two years.  Seriously, though, I just don’t care about Tech that much.  When I decided it was over with the ex-Ms. The Dean, it was because I didn’t care about her any more.  I had fought for nearly a year to keep our marriage together and decided that if it didn’t matter to her, it shouldn’t matter to me.  The day I decided I didn’t care was when she dropped the bomb on me: She liked me fighting for her.  It made her feel relevant.  She felt needed.

I think that sad, but true, psychological view sheds much light on the relationship between Georgia and Tech.  Tech engages us in this hate-ruse so much because it makes them feel relevant.  Without the Dawgs, they are Virginia Tech, without hot DC girls or a real millitary unit, in a much worse neighborhood.  Without the Dawgs to play every year, the most exciting football game Tech has is some Thursday night borefest against Miami or Florida State.  Without the Georgia ‘rivalry,’ Tech’s athletic program would be a cute after thought to the Braves, the Falcons and probably the Thrashers in their own city.  Tech needs Georgia to feel validated.  Without Georgia, Tech is just another divorcee, looking at a long night alone with the Lifetime network and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

I know there are those that have the fervent burn down the stadium hate I have for Florida or Kyle has for Auburn (he hates Auburn, you know) for Tech.  I believe much of that has to do with the area of Georgia you grew up in.  Kyle, being from West Central Georgia, is a natural at hating Auburn.  I don’t like Auburn very much, but that has to do with the history of The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry and not an inborn distain for them.  I despise Florida.  I despised Florida when they weren’t very good, I despised them when they were merely ok, I despise them now that they are very good.  I actually rooted for Notre Dame against them in the 1992 Sugar Bowl.  That was the last I rooted for Notre Dame in anything (I actually ignored the Tennessee-Notre Dame games because I couldn’t decide which one I disliked more).  However, I do believe that number is limited primarily to residents of Atlanta and those that rooted for Georgia during the 50’s.  By the way, go read that post by Blutarsky.  Great read about Theron Sapp.

So, as I prepare to travel Southward for the Thanksgiving week, I have to say that I am excited about getting to go to the game next week and spending a couple of days in Athens.  I am excited about being home for a few days.  I am excited about fishing the Altamaha.  Am I excited that the game is against Tech?  Nah, just as long as we beat them.

Go Dawgs!


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