SEC Bowls

The Dawgs will be going to Orlando to take on Michigan State in the Citrus Capital One Bowl.  I’ll have more on that later.

A quick look at other SEC teams and bowl matchups:

Sugar: Alabama vs. Utah. I’ll have more on this game later, but on first glance, it feels like the 2005 Sugar Bowl with a tough team potentially over looking a dangerous opponent.  This time the dangerous opponent is from the SEC, though.

Outback: South Carolina vs. Iowa.  Stever Spurrier goes back to where his head coaching career started in the USFL.  The former Tampa Bandits coach takes on Kirk Ferentz’s Hawkeye squad.  If Spurrier can figure out how to get a QB that puts up with him the way Smelly does, but plays better, the Gamecocks are dangerous.  Won’t happen.  Look for the resugent Iowa team that has won 5 of the last 6 to get here to win ugly.

Cotton: Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech.  Houston Nutt looks to lead the Rebs to their sixth straight bowl win over a Big 12 team.  Texas Tech is looking to prove it belongs.  This game has the hallmarks of a blowout but will be the best chance for an SEC team to show what defense really means to a Big 12 offense.  Well, there is that other game later in January, I guess.  Look for the Rebels to surprise Tech early, but allow too many big plays to win.

Chic-fil-A Peach: LSU vs. Georgia Tech.  Let’s see.  One team beat Georgia by running the ball.  A lot.  One team lost to Georgia by throwing the ball. A lot.  I gotta think Tech’s running attack will overwhelm LSU’s defense, but then again, LSU probably tackles better than Georgia.  Look for Miles team to practice his defense using nurtria on meth.  I don’t know why, but I think LSU wins this one.

Music City: Vandy vs. Boston College.  Catholics vs. Snooties.  Vandy plays a home game for the holidays.  Boston College gets back to Nashville.  The underdog has won six of the nine Music City Bowl games.  Good news for the ‘Dores, since they likely will be about a 10 point dog.  Look for Vandy to cover.  They might even win.

Liberty Bowl: Kentucky vs. East Carolina.  This one all depends on Randall Cobb’s knee.  If he is back the Wildcats win easy.  If he isn’t, Hartline has to carry the Wildcats against a Pirate team that has a tendency to make passing QB’s look bad.  I still think UK gets the win.

Of course, Florida is playing in the BCS National Championship game against Oklahoma.  I can’t think about it yet.


3 Responses to “SEC Bowls”

  1. 1 Jimmy Cracked CornDawg
    December 9, 2008 at 11:56 am

    I’ll be rooting for every SEC team except Florida. It’s not that I think I’m obligated to go SEC because I’m a Georgia fan. I just happen to appreciate what those other teams like Ole Miss and Vandy have done and I freaking’ still hate Florida and Tech.

    I don’t harbor any grudge against ‘Bama for beating the Dawgs and LSU is a lesser-of-two evils.

    Texas Tech really thought they’d be playing in Miami, didn’t they? Awww, that’s so cute.

    I can still hear Herman Munster asking “What the hell is a Ute?”

  2. 2 Oshea2002
    December 9, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    I like UF, Bama, and UGA in their games, I don’t like the other matchups vis a vis SEC chances of winning.

    My big swing bowl game is Oregon v. Okie State. I will be screaming bloody murder if Oregon wins that game.

  3. December 9, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    I had totally forgotten about Spurrier and the USFL. Actually I had totally forgotten about the USFL. I’ll be cheering for all the SEC teams – except Florida. And maybe USC.

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