If you liked seeing Greg Norman play Augusta…

Much can be said about watching Auburn’s coaching search from afar. Ok, that title assumes you have a little sympathy for Auburn.  I don’t.  This is pure comedy time for those on the outside looking in.

First, you have Finebaum calling the AD the “biggest buffoon” in sports.  Based on what he agreed to, I have to agree.  Tubberville ‘resigned’ but part of the agreement for him to resign was for him to actually get the total amount of his payout.  Make him the worst negotiator in sports, as well.  Was Scott Boras in the room with them?  You have to wonder.  Actually, you don’t.  Jacobs told him to leave, Tubberville pulled out the gun and held it to his own head and said meet my demands and no one gets hurt.  Cleavon Little would be proud.

Second, you have Mississippi State, making a terrific hire of a guy that acutally, the more you think about it, would have been a stunningly good hire for Auburn.  Finebaum and others have noted that Auburn needs to do more than ‘win the press conference’ with the hire.  With some of the quotes from Mullen at his Starkeville introduction, you have to think the Auburn faithful would be happy and would have won the press confernce.  Just a sampling:

“We will get in every high school in this state before we even worry about recruiting anywhere else to make sure those players know they have a home here, and they can represent the state of Mississippi in playing at their state university.”

While there is a certain naivety to the statement, it does illustrate his commitment to winning and making sure he has well prepared teams. Can you imagine if he had shown up on The Plains and made that same statement, all the while tweaking the man he had just outschemed in the SEC champoinship game?  Pure gold.

Third, and most importantly, the list of people they could get there is getting shorter.  The reported suitors don’t necessarily bring fear to the hearts of fans of other SEC schools.  Jerry Hinnen at Joe Cribbs Car Wash today listed Gary Peterson, Turner Gill and Skip Holtz as the flavors du jour in the search.  Spurrier, Dooley, Muschamp, Rodney Garner, Brady Hoke, Mike Leach.  The list goes on and on. At some point, the Tigers are going to run out of people who are willing even entertain talking to them.  However, as they said at The Joe Cribs Car Wash, “The only thing that matters about this coaching search is who it hires.”  True enough.  However, who it hires is no longer function of who can we get and is getting to be a function of who can we convince to come here?  That is a recipe for a very bad hire.

Actually, for pure comedy value, reading the JCCW is just about as good as it gets.  Of course, I am a lawyer, so certain things make me laugh that just shouldn’t.  Like divorces and watching my friend the Italian trying to pick up women.  Of course, if this was Georgia going through this, I’d be appoleptic.

In the end, I think they are going to make a strong run for Muschamp, despite what title he has.  He may tell them to go jump in a lake, but that is who I have to think is the best marriage of the splashy hire they want and desire to be a head coach at Auburn.  Not to say they will be successful, but that is who I think they will pursue (or are pursuing).


Update:  Oshea forwarded me this (the link is now dead) last night while I was asleep: Muschamp to be named as early as today as new HC at Auburn.  I’m not saying it is going to happen, but I find it interesting Jacobs and some of his ADlettes were in Ft. Worth, didn’t talk to the press on either side and then this comes out.  Could be an interesting day.  My guess is any plane that takes off from Auburn bound for any airport from Montgomerhy to LaGrange will spark confirmations of the rumor.

And the hits keep rolling 2: The War Eagle reader says a TV station in Montgomery swears it’ll be Spurrier.


1 Response to “If you liked seeing Greg Norman play Augusta…”

  1. 1 cousinwalter
    December 14, 2008 at 8:10 am

    Finebaum is right about at least two things. Jay Jacobs comes off looking like a simple minded moron. He just seems so unqualified for the job. Its like they went over to Frat row and went up to somebody and said , “Hey kid, want to be the new Auburn Athletic Director.”

    The other thing that I agree with Finebaum on is that Auburn needs to stop trying to just “win the press conference.” Their defense has been for the most part above average the past three seasons. Its their offense that has drawn suspect. Hiring Gene Chizik doesn’t help or hiring the most flashy name as opposed to hiring the right coach. Dan Mullen may not have gotten the press that a Muschamp or Spurrier would but it would be a good hire. It would be solving a problem that Auburn currently seems incapable of doing.

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