You tell them Jamie Pollard sent you

“Auburn’s interest in Gene speaks to (Chizik’s) reputation,” Pollard said in the release. “We saw that same potential in Gene two years ago. He is an outstanding football coach, tremendous recruiter and inspiring leader. When your organization has talented staff members, other schools express interest in their services.”

3-9 and 2-10.  2-6 and 0-8.  Those are Gene Chizik’s respective season and Big 12 records in his two years in Ames.  Yes, Iowa State isn’t the bastion of college athletics that some places are.  A knowledgeable person in a local Big 10 college’s athletic department compared it to Mississippi State.  Without hot girls. And colder weather.

When the ad at a school is talking up his coach, you have to either think he is trying to get rid of him or trying to justify his hire.  The above quote illustrates both, in my mind.  Gene Chizik’s best qualification for a head coaching job was as co-defensive coordinator for the 2005 national champion Texas team.  In 2004, he was the defensive coordinator for the undefeated people’s national champion Auburn team.  He was Will Muschamp before Will Muschamp was, minus the blood and the colorful euphemisms.


The guy can coach defense.  No doubt about that.  The continuing question is can he be the CEO type and effective recruiter you need to be as a head coach in the SEC.  Auburn’s struggles this year were primarily  offensive, specifically at talent positions.  I also have to question his decision making, leaving Texas to be head coach at Iowa State.  I guess it can be viewed the same as Dan Mullen leaving Florida to coach at Mississippi State.  Perhaps this is what Auburn is hoping, that they are getting a Gene Chizik that has gotten his ‘test” head coaching gig out of the way and is ready to put it all together.  Like I said the other day, if you cannot get the guy you want from the worlds greatest conference ever, this year, get a guy like him.

As much as I would like Reggie Ball’s personal counting coach, Patrick Nix, to be the next HC at Auburn, Gene Chizik would be a very good hire for Dawg and Bama fans.  Very good indeed.

The Tigers could do worse (h/t Paul Westerdawg).

The Tigers could do worse (h/t Paul Westerdawg).


Update: Apparently Finebaum was right about Jacobs.  Chizik looks to be the next guy at Auburn.


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