Oh, Mark….

Tim Tucker got Mark Richt all worked up again, this time over a college football playoff.

We can have this debate and probably will again, but the real gem is here

Having to live through last year and feeling like you’ve got to have this big filibuster or whatever you want to call it to go out there and try to convince people to vote for your team – I mean, it shouldn’t be that way in sports, especially in major-college football.

I wonder if Coach Richt means this year or last year.

He wants an eight team playoff (as opposed to the one team playoff we currently have).  Maybe last year Georgia gets into the playoffs, maybe not.  This year, I can think of at least two teams (Texas Tech and Boise State) that have a legit argument for being in an eight team playoff, but wouldn’t be considered.  I can think of at least three teams that shouldn’t even be considered for a playoff this year, that just absolutely would (Ohio State, Virginia Tech and UConn) this year.

Sorry, you don’t have me with “And [there’s] the effect it has on the nation, which loves college football and probably deserves a better way of doing it.”  The ‘better way of doing’ it is just another way of saying ‘I don’t like having to go against my nature and beg folks to like my team’ or ‘Urban Meyer whines more and better than I do’.

Unless a playoff is at least 12 teams (or probably 16 teams), there is no way you could convince me that all teams worthy of consideration are in a playoff, keeping in mind that there is no way you could have a playoff without every major conference champion in it and a two team per conference cap being a certainty.  That is a route that I am never going to be willing to advocate.

Why is it better to have one national champion?  How will a four or eight team playoff ensure that will happen?  Such a small tournament would exacerbate the concern express by Coach Richt.  Coaches and commentators will be right back to advocating for a higher seed or to be included in the tournament.  While that might help SEC teams (due to the conference’s tie ins with ESPN and CBS), that doesn’t help the average fan or college football.  In fact, I would argue it cuts the other way.

He isn’t preaching to the choir.  Unless, by ‘choir’ you mean this guy.


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