So, the BCS is the problem?

Blutarsky has a good take on the current argument de jure about no one liking the BCS.  Apparently, BCS bowl viewership was up seven percent.  While the BCS bowls are down from some of their traditional numbers, I would posit that part of the problem is the proliferation of bowls (call it bowl fatigue) and that two of the BCS games are no longer held on New Year’s Day or the analogous date.  Of course, there is also a provision for the Organge Bowl having two clunkers, with the Capitol One Bowl viewershp besting it again.

As for the holding the games on dates other than the traditional dates, I get the idea.  Let’s get an audience that we might have to split if we go on New Year’s Day.  I would suggest that isn’t the case.  A number of people just won’t tune in because it isn’t a ‘bowl watching date.’  Sure you get those of us who are going to watch regardless of when it is, but by separating the games from the traditional day, it is my feeling that you lose the casual and the semi-casual fan who either doesn’t want to fight their respective others about watching more football or simply finds CSI:Minneapolis more compelling.

Either way, bowl viewership is up.  So tell me:  What exactly is this ‘public’ that is clamoring for the end of the bowl system?


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