people…they’re the worst.

In a stunning display of multi-front douchbaggery, we have politicians playing to the ‘crowd,’ and Matt Hayes trying his hardest to get on my ‘I’m never reading this guy again’ list with Dan Wetzel.

First the easy one:  Representative Ed Towns (D-NY) has usurped Henry Waxman’s title as biggest political idiot in sports (there may be a Pres. Bush joke here, if you are inclined to include it; I’m not).  Rep. Towns, who represents Brooklyn in Congress is now chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  As you recall, Rep Waxman led that committee to investigate the role of steroids and underage country singers in Roger Clemens’ career.  That three ring circus only served to help Jose Canseco sell books.  Now, Rep. Towns has his sights set on the BCS.

Rep. Towns held a round-table discussion on his priorities list for this Congress’ committee earlier this week, outlining his vision for what the committee should focus on.  This quote should give you a good insight into his thought process:

Over the past few years we’ve been bombarded with headlines containing subjects such as: “Katrina”, “Iraq War Cost Overruns”, “Wall Street Corruption,” and “Economic Collapse.” That is why many Americans doubt whether the government can deliver effective solutions to better their lives and our society.

Wait, no football?  Not so fast.  He wants the government of force college football to have a playoff to name a true national champion.  So we now think government can better find a way to name a national champion in college football?  Tell you what, let the BCS commissioners solve social security, the financial system meltdown, Iraq and Amtrak, and then we can talk about letting Congress ‘fix’ college football.  My favorite line: “I want to get a system that has credibility.”  I am pretty sure any system that the US Congress comes up with is bound to ensure that.  Sorry, I forgot how to code HTML to illustrate sarcasm.

I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.

I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.

Then Matt Hayes issues this doozy on Georgia’s losses to the NFL:  Georgia will be playing with the leftovers from the student union.  Ok, the losses of two sure-fire first round picks on offense and another possible first round pick on defense hurt.  No doubt about it.  However, to compare Auburn’s 2003 8-5 season to Georgia’s season this year is just plain stupid.  Yesh, there are plenty of folks disapointed in the way this season turned out, but winning 10 games and the Capital One Bowl is a far sight better than winning 8 games and the Music City fiasco.

Then he goes even further to dis Joe Cox, Caleb King and the rest of the players returning.  He even was so bold as to mention the loss of leadership from the guys leaving to go to the NFL.  Now, there is much room for debate here, but I am not so sold on any loss of leadership, absent Knowshon’s fire and occasional dancing prowess.  I am not intimately involved in the football program and couldn’t really say that I know a single person involved personally, but one thing that seemed missing from this year’s team was that one player willing to step up and hold his teammates accountable.  In fact, there were quotes to that effect after the regular season from players.  Hayes is just flat out wrong there.  This is just an illustration of his lack of knowledge of which he writes.  It is almost like he is a (*gasp*) blogger.

The coup de gras, though, was the final line of his column:

Now we’re left with student union leftovers.

So we are saying that the team will be without any playmakers?  No one to lead?  Nothing left to play for? I guess he knows something I don’t, but Joe Cox hasn’t lost a football he has started in nearly 6 seasons.  AJ Green could make James Jackson look like a great QB, given the right set of plays.  We have at least three running backs that are among the best in the conference, if not in the country.  I am pretty sure having Jeff Owens back in the middle of the D-line isn’t a terrible thing.  Oh, yeah.  The Dawgs also have a multitude of offensive linemen who are juniors and seniors with 15+ starts each.  Sorry, I don’t see ‘student union leftovers’ there.

I’m with the Senator, there should be T-shirts made and signs hung on the walls in the weight room.


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