Ah, the weekend

  • Don’t forget, Bracketbusters are this weekend.  Pound for pound, better football is played at the schools involved than in the Big East.
  • Thanks to Friends of the Program, we all know Hugo Chavez loves his Dawgs.  Hey, even crazy ass socialist dictators can have good taste.  Did I just go all Marge Schott there?
  • The Diamond Dawgs will play 18 games on TV this season.  I wonder what Jim Delaney will say about that.

    I decree that all Rose Bowls will be played in Chicago, because the weather there just really benefits the Pac-10!

    I decree that all Rose Bowls will be played in Chicago, because the weather in Pasadena really benefits the Pac-10!

  • Big Life. Big Stage. Big Ten.  The worse conference slogan ever. It is still funny considering their records in BCS games, the past three NCAA men and women’s basketball tourney and the College World Series.
  • Chill, you must chill.  I love Tim Floyd doing the ‘you’re lucky they are holding me back, no seriously hold me back’ thing at the end.
  • Thank goodness Frank Wren got this one right.
  • Oh, I think Bud Selig has to be very nervous about this. If Terry Moore is on your side, you need to just give it up.
  • In that vein, the BCS has to be VERY nervous about this.
  • Tiger, Tiger Woods, y’all.
  • Kwame Geathers, Georgia Bulldog.

1 Response to “Ah, the weekend”

  1. February 22, 2009 at 12:20 am

    Tim Floyd…he’s no Dennis Felton…

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