Ah, the weekend!

  • I’ll be sending Mark Bradley’s name to Doug Gillett after this one.  Putting Mark Richt above Spurrier, Petrino, Chizic and Nutt on a list of most irritating head coaches in the SEC?  Wow.  He is getting dangerously close to Terry Moore territory there.
  • If a team recruits a kid as QB and says we want you to be our quarterback, are you done recruiting for QBs for two years?  If you are Paul Johnson, you are (or are a huge grinning hypocritical scholarship snatcher).
  • Speaking of Dontae Aycock, did you get the sense he isn’t that broken up over losing the scholarship?
  • Now that we are finally getting to the good part of college basketball, does anyone besides bracketniks and the selection committee care what happened back on January 5th?  I am pretty sure many, many people will care in December 2009 what happens on Sept 5th of 2009.
  • Yeah, Mark.  This IS the problem: “I’m not saying college football needs a full-blown playoff, but a plus-one system would at least be a start.”  Just a start, my eye.
  • Also, Mark, the SEC won’t play north of the Mason-Dixon thing isn’t exclusively the SEC’s fault.  It takes two to tango.  Last time I checked, I-75 runs north AND south.  The SEC should be playing Big 12 and Pac 10 teams more, too.
  • From the land of delusion:  Olin Buchanan thinks the Big 10 will be back, LSU won’t, and that Georgia Tech will be in the hunt for several star running back prospects in the coming years.
  • I wonder if Mack Brown is on to something.
  • David Hale has an interesting insight into what we can expect out of Joe Cox’s passing game this year.
  • I have to admit, there are times I wish someone as cool as Will Ferrell was a big Georgia fan.  I mean a real person, not Paul Westerdawg.

He's at least as cool!

He's at least as cool!

Ok, so maybe I was wrong.


3 Responses to “Ah, the weekend!”

  1. March 4, 2009 at 1:46 am

    It’s wierd. Bradley is slowing pulling ahead of Terrence as head agitator at the ajc.

  2. 2 bulldoginexile
    March 4, 2009 at 8:33 am

    It is the the new hair cut, me thinks…

  3. March 4, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    It’s still a mystery to me why Jim Rome keeps bringing T.Moore on his TV show.

    Bradley’s articles are not even good arguments. weak stuff.

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