Ah, the weekend.

  • Paul Westerdawg has some tidbits from the SEC tournament of interest on the coaching search.  He’s there all weekend as a fan of basketball (now), so he should have some doozy posts this weekend.
  • Speaking of PWD being a fan of basketball (which means rooting hard for underdogs and against Florida and Kentucky) now, the Dawgs basketball season was quietly euthanized Thursday by Mississippi State at the SEC tourney in Tampa.  Nothing to see here, move along.
  • The Lady Dawgs are holding their collective breaths that they go dancing and keep their 14 year tourney streak alive.  More on this this weekend, but I think they make it as a 11/12 seed.
  • Speaking of, UGA is hosting the first/second round of the Ladies tourney at the Gwinnett Arena.  I am guessing either NC/Duke or Auburn and UT/Vandy will play there, so it’ll be good ball.
  • Kyle at Dawg Sports always has his eye on the ball.  The football.  He mentions a couple of guys to watch for at GDay.  Nothing really deep here, but an awesome refrence to Clemson being the ‘New Testament Auburn.’  Love those Methodists.
  • The Kiffer is the coach Senator Blutarsky has been waiting his whole blogging career to cover.  For good reason. Look for The Kiffer to call Low to deny that he denied comment.
  • I am upset that I went to bed at the end of regulation in this one. I thought for sure after the officials waived off the potential game winner, Syracuse was sunk.  I was very, very wrong.  They win in six overtimes.
  • Congrats to NDSU for becoming the first team since 1972 to make the NCAA tourney in their first year of eligibility.  Look for the Summit Conference champs to become the ninth 14 seed to win a first round game next week.
  • Perno’s Diamond Dawgs defeated Lemonjello twice this week.  They go on the road to begin their SEC title defense against 9-4 Alabama.  Bama has had Georgia’s number over there for quite some time.  I was in law school, Bill Clinton was just starting to hire interns and Lane Kiffin was pumping gas the last time the Dawgs won a series in Tuskaloosie.
  • I didn’t say that!  I really didn’t.  Tell’em Orgeron.

    Wild boys! Wild boys!

    Wild boys! Wild boys!

Have a good weekend.


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