Chevy makes you more butch

One of the downsides of watching six hours a day of basketball is almost four hours of commercials.  None are more insulting than Chevrolet’s Howie Long commercials.  Oh, I get it.  He’s a manly man.  Played for the Raiders.  Was a star at Villanova………

Seriously, I don’t drive a truck and have no real need for one (plus, I have easy access to several, so why pay for more gas and insurance than I have to).  However, I have always loved the Silverado and prefer it to Dodges and Fords, but the geniuses that have made their cars the punchlines for American un-dependability and blandness are now trying to piss those of us off that didn’t play NFL football or have the chance to bang Terri Hatcher for sport and actually could use a step to get into the bed of a truck.  I can get into the back of a truck without a step, but it just helps to have it.

Yeah, I get it.  Drive a Ford and you are a girlie man.  Nice.

At least no tatertots got hurt in the making of this commercial.


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