I’m thinking Bruce Feldman failed the drug test at the NFL combine, as well

After reading this piece, I might put him on my list of people to read for entertainment, not thoughtful analysis.  His list of teams likely to win the BCS title has the usual suspect (Florida) and a couple of bold ones like Ole Miss and LSU.  One just baffles me: Notre Dame.

Yeah, they only have to win 9 games to get in the BCS and they have a fairly easy schedule, by their standards.  Yeah, they are Norte Dame and any success will be richly rewarded by pollsters (by success, I mean not losing badly).  But Feldman acknowledges the Irish are still rebuilding, noting Notre Dame’s biggest issues are

a mediocre O-line and Charlie Weis.

You can recruit and coach an O-line, right?

I'll have two Old96ers and a loaded potato.

I'll have two Old96ers and the bucket of salad*.

Feldman works for ESPN.  Is ABC (or the WWL) going after NBC’s contract with the Irish?  I don’t see that, so it seems alot more like pandering and trolling for web hits to me.

Other thoughts on the list:

  • The inclusion of Ole Miss is a bit surprising.  Yeah, Houston Nutt had a great year.  The Rebs looked pretty good in the Cotton Bowl. But didn’t just about everybody look good against Big 12 competition in their bowl game, even Ohio State?  The schedule helps, with all of their big SEC games at Vaught-Hemingway.  No way around having to play in Atlanta on the first Saturday in December, though.
  • The inclusion of Oklahoma State is even more surprising.  Until the Big 12 learns defense, they will only merit discussion about playing in the title game.
  • Boise State? Panderer.
  • Virginia Tech? I still will not include any ACC or Big East teams in my national title discussions until they actually show up and play quality football week in and week out.

*The Great Outdoors – The Old 96er


2 Responses to “I’m thinking Bruce Feldman failed the drug test at the NFL combine, as well”

  1. 1 oshea2002
    April 8, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    Well, they did dial down the schedule again, although that didn’t do much for them last year.

    Their schedule is so weak, that they’d almost need to blow out USC at home (clearly NOT going to happen, seeing as SC hasn’t lost by more then a TD since 2001), and look impressive in their other games. There’s no way they can go 11-1, lose to USC, and weasel their way into Pasadena beating nothing but scrubs. Sentiment is too against them, despite what NBC would have you think.

    I’m on board with Ole Miss not having a chance either. Anyone can sneak up on people for a season. They’ve got a target on their backs now. Bama and LSU have their trips to Oxford already circled on the calendar. Plus, as you mentioned, Atlanta is the great equalizer in the SEC.

    Even though UF is the best team, USC may have similar talent, etc, Texas is number 1 on my list of most likely to end up in Pasadena – due to their schedule, which is a joke. OU had a few stars come back, but still lost a ton on the OL and WR spots. They’ve got that game still, on a neutral site, and a trip to Stillwater, against a talented offensive crew that couldn’t stop anyone with a badge and a gun. That’s it. They win those two games, where they’ll be favored, and they can run the rest of their schedule with C+/B- level performances.

  2. April 8, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    The problem with the Old96er…..you gotta eat the fat, too.

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