Something GM makes that Honda doesn’t

I wrote earlier about Chevrolet’s commercials during the NCAA tournament and how they pissed me off.  There is another one out touting a brazilian mile/17 year warranty, with guaranteed buy back and a free beansnap with every purchase.  They then mention that Honda doesn’t offer that, but Honda does offer something that GM doesn’t:

Certainly not a GM.

Certainly not a GM.

In full disclosure, I am a Honda fan.   Yes, I love America, and I buy American when I can.  However, I won’t buy American just to do so.  I will when a quality product is produced at a comparable price.  Yeah, I know most American brands are cheaper, but that doesn’t make it ok to make crappier product.  I know GM makes plenty of good products, including their trucks and their old Astro van lines.  They also have some shitty lines.  That being said,  I really want them to succeed.  It’ll be bad for the economy for any of the car companies to fail.  However they have to do more than show up to get much more sympathy than my selfish interests in them succeeding.

Now, since you and I (through the government) are backing them, GM is getting serious about their product and warranties.  How very generous of them.

I wrote about the ads earler and mention them now because I live in the middle of big time Union territory.  Everyone that is in a blue collar job here is Union.  Everyone in a white collar job has family in a Union job.  I don’t per se hate Unions.  They played a very important role in the development of safe workplaces, fair wages and generally were responsible for the development and creation of American’s blue collar middle class.  Without them, America may well be a two class society today.  However, many of the problems American car companies are facing are in part a result of those same Unions.  Not necessarily the union members, but the Unions. There is plenty of blame to go around.  I don’t disagree for a moment about that.  I also know that many of the hard working union members are merely (and truly) pawns in the game.  In the end, though, the Unions and their ‘me first’ attitude are killing the car companies.  If they insisted on tougher quality management and had merit based pay increases, many of the problems with American made cars would be ameliorated.

I only mention this ad because now Chevy has recalled 1.5 million cars because those cars can catch fire.  Any car can catch fire, but these are especially designed to do so.  I guess that is something GM does that Honda doesn’t.


1 Response to “Something GM makes that Honda doesn’t”

  1. April 30, 2009 at 8:14 am

    I just bought a Honda Pilot last month. Proudly manufactured in Lincoln, AL without a single Union hand touching it. Amen.

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