From the cornfield

Sorry for absence.  Work, honey dos and kids have regretfully superseded my written word therapy this week.  Fortunately, the kids are asleep, my BB is off and no one knows where to find me right now, so we’re off to the cornfield.

  • The Kiffer knows talent when he sees it.  Too bad the kid will never play football for anyone remotely named Kiffin, unless of course it is 12 years down the road in the arena league.
  • A point the Senator makes much better and with more humor than I just did.
  • PWD comes through on vacation with a pretty good post about defending the option.  Warning, the video isn’t for the faint of heart.  It is like watching your own surgery, if you were awake and coherent for the surgery the first time.
  • USA!USA!US…wait, soccer is played for 90+3 minutes?  I have say it was pretty amazing the way they played after pool play and disappointing to lose in the championship, but I did like the abject disappointment from the American players.  Shows that they are tired of moral victories.
  • Kyle, as usual, nails it.  This time in explaining the typical Georgia football fan.  The only thing I would add is his failure to explain our female fans are usually more knowledgeable than many of our male rivals fans.
  • Congratulations, Mackie.
  • Cousin Walter has a nice write up on who is better:  Julio Jones or AJ Green.
  • Yeah, what he said.
  • Bernie pines for the days of feathered hair and locking the door for 3 minutes at a time.  Now that I think about it, I do, too.

Finally, regarding the deck collapse in Atlanta (that fortunately no one got hurt in), Ms. Bulldog in Exile commented, “Must have been Reggie Ball’s senior project.”

God, I love her.


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