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Something is afoot at the Circle K

I know Hale broke it and Kyle talked about the Okie State beat writer’s bold prediction.

I’ll save you some time:

Sept. 5 vs. Georgia

Despite growing doubt nationally about the Cowboys, they announce their presence with authority, handing Georgia a 21-point defeat to open the season.

Now, the interesting thing is that with the rest of his predictions about big wins, he specifically mentions what player or players will step up (or in the case of the Texas game, predicting that Colt McCoy throws four picks).  The Georgia game, he just predicts a three touchdown win.

Hey, I will grant Georgia has plenty of questions.  I will also grant Oklahoma State has some serious play makers.  But as Paul Westerdawg pointed out, the match-up to watch is rush end vs. OT.  Georgia doesn’t have to stop all the passes, just enough to kill drives, since Oklahoma State thrives off the quick read, down-field passing game.  If they cannot run the ball, which I think is a real probability, they have to pass.  In order to pass, they have to have time to pass.  In order to complete passes, receivers have to be open.  For receivers to be open, the Cowboys need some one on one match-ups, with vertical separation.

Also, as PWD pointed out, Martinez’s defenses are solid against supper star receivers.  So for this prediction to come close to holding, somethings got to give.  Either the writer has supreme confidence in the O-line’s ability to give Cowboy QB Zac Robinson time to pass or he thinks very little about Georgia’s Dbacks and linebackers. Or he just thinks Georgia’s offense is so emaciated that there will be a plethora of 3 and outs. As I granted, there are questions, but I don’t see a 21 points worth of questions.

My guess is this guy will have a thing or two to say about that, as well.  So, is he seeing something we aren’t?


Ah, the weekend

Here we are, another weekend:

  • Start with David Hale. Always.  He breaks down the 9 Dawgs that make the pre-season All-SEC team, including first teamers Rennie Curran and AJ Green.
  • Interesting thoughts about Mark Sanchez.  What will happen if Pete Carroll was right?
  • As much as I love Lewis Grizzard,the “that Dawg will bite you” story AND hot chicks, I just cannot watch what Spencer Hall did to get Tim Tebow Worshipers to actually listen.  It is sickening, so I would turn the contrast down on your monitor until it is over.
  • Blutarski + The Kiffer= A good blog post, this time on the QB situation in Knoxvegas.
  • Speaking of The Senator, he posits that BYU might be this year’s Utah.  That would make The Holy War a nationally interesting and relevant game this season.
  • Maize n Brew Dave is thinking about how to annoy SEC fans.  They left out losing to App State, since, you know, we had to hear about how tough the SoCon is constantly from all 10 of their fans.  New Wolverine zeitgeist or just jealousy over the hot women and warm weather?
  • T. Kyle eloquently and perfectly responds.
  • Bubba and Earl are counting it down.
  • The Alligator Army has a thoughtful and reasoned approach to the St. Urban to Notre Dame story.  Of course, they already pay to sit in seat 37F.
  • While I might agree with the sentiment Erik at The Deep South Sports Report expresses, I do like me some off season Finebaum.
  • Glenn Beck vs. Mike Gundy.  They are both men, right?  I think Doug Gillett needs these two in a cage match.
  • Bernie might need to see my quick turnaround specialist after a week at the beach and a wedding reception with an open bar, which in my house we like to call ‘the recipe for disaster.’

Finally, SEC media days are happening next week.  What is your over under time and date on The Kiffer and St. Urban getting into a verbal altercation in the media?


Team Spirit Kills

Look, I completely understand team spirit.   I am a complete Georgia sellout, right up to the matching boxer shorts my son and I have.  Seriously.  My oldest (who is all of ‘4 years, and some months, daddy’), upon driving by Sanford Stadium last week said in a very reverent tone “It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

Of course, she was merely repeating what she has heard me say many times during Georgia games on TV, usually with the help of adult emotion freers while it is spitting icicles in Illinois and coeds are still wearing sun dresses in Athens.  Still, if that doesn’t warm you up, you have a blackhole-dark space that is surrounded by orange where your heart should be.

Or you are this guy:

Who has two thumbs and a man crush on The Kiffer?

Who has two thumbs and a man crush on The Kiffer?

Sorry, I just can’t stand to see that much orange in one place.  It would be a cool room otherwise. Oh, and the guy didn’t post a picture of himself on VolNation with two thumbs up.  All he needs are some mirrored shades and two popped collars.  If Orson is right, and he usually is, the ‘It’s time’ poster will get torn down and burned sometime around December 2010.


Dawgs vs. Tech – reality TV verson

I was talking with my wife two months ago about which reality TV show would be best for a Tech grad.  She is a big reality TV fan and we were just discussing what show, besides Beauty and the Geek, would most likely have a Techie on it, since Herschel was on Celebrity Apprentice.  We decided that it probably would be something like Celebrity Big Brother, where we were hoping the really hot girl would use her wiles to trick the Techie into voting the other hot, but slightly less slutty girl off.  Of course, she would still sleep with the jackass after they voted the Techie off in the next to last episode.

Well, NBC has answered the question for us.  John Salley, former Tech basketball star, will join the likes of Patti Blagojevich, who I hear is a potty mouth, and the fatest Baldwins not currently on TV on “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!”

Chi and Chu

Chi and Chu

I’m just sayin…


Bernie has a theory

Ease over to Bernie’s Bulldawg Blog.  He has a conspiracy theory that dovetails nicely into my thoughts at the end of the prior post.  St. Urban is starting his exit strategy by creating a schism in Gator Nation.  It is an interesting theory, since obviously, I think he has his eye on another man’s….ball.  John Brantley isn’t TGCPE and so much of St. Urban’s success there has been based around the job of coaching that one player (yeah, I know Chris Leak and all, but in five years it’ll be all Timmy, all the time and Leak will be a must look on Wikipedia afterthought).  Then again, he does have the largest ego of all SEC coaches with at least six head coaching wins on their resume (I hope Sabanites don’t read this, lest I get power flamed).

Of course, that is just a theory. There’s a lot of theories that didn’t pan out. Lone Gunman. Communism. Geometry.

It isn’t like St. Urban has stopped having late night fantasies about what his butt looks like in green jogging outfits.

Meyer: "You looking over your shoulder at me?" Weis: "Is that a porkchop around your neck?"

Meyer: "You looking over your shoulder at me?" Weis: "Is that a porkchop around your neck?"


Credit where credit is due

The Dawgs did well in the NCAA Accademic Progress Rate. Several folks have broken down the numbers and what they mean.  For example, PWD makes it easy for the Tech basketball team to understand what the ramifications are.

One thing I do want to note, these numbers are a measure of progress towards graduation, thus they measure the number of credit hours earned per semester (the maintaining eligibility part of the equation) and academic progress (simply put getting grades to progress towards graduation and stay in school).  Georgia Tech, as PWD points out, failed to do that with the basketball program.  Yeah, Tennessee lost a men’s basketball scholarship, too.  Coach Felton should be commended for the work he did in the academic arena.

I wonder what Jim Harrick thinks of the APR?

Does Daddy have my hot dog?

Does Daddy have my hot dog?


As mark twain said, fiction has to stick to possibilities

When I first saw this

Not LSUFreak's work

Not LSUFreak's work

I figured some dude got funny with the photoshops.

Not so much.

That has to be-most definitely should be-a recruiting violation.  I am pretty sure it is also some sort of DMV violation, is against the laws of nature, and offends the senses, to boot.

Hey, I am all for traveling in style.  When I lived in Athens, I always envied Coach Fabris rolling up in his brand new Crown Vic.  I always think it is ok to use private planes for coaches.  Since I travel a fair amount, I am ok with them staying at the Four Seasons or Ritz or whatever.  But a limo?  At Auburn?

Yes, Gene Chizik rolls big pimpin’ style.

Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.

I wonder what Paul Johnson might roll into Valdosta in next trip?


Buzzzz! (h/t to PWD for the pic)

A Georgia Dawg in the Mid-West alone with his thoughts.

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