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Big Ten media day

The coaches and some players gathered at the O’Hare Howard Johnsons today for Big Ten Media Days Day.  All eleven (?) coaches, the chair of the Big Ten Network and Jim Delaney, Big Ten comish had their time to speak.

Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald had the line of the day

I want to make my vote clear. I did vote for Tim Tebow, so there should be no questions about that.

No one asked about the virginal status of Juice Williams, although Ron Zook did twitter someone for a booty call.  I think it was that dreamy RichRod.  Joe Pa didn’t manage to piss of Jim Delaney, although his interview was cut short because the clam strip buffet opened at 4pm.

Seriously, just one day.  Big Ten fever…get inoculated for it.


Ah, the weekend – media days and more edition

With SEC media days in full swing, I am starting to get excited about the upcoming season.  Joe Cox seems to have acquitted himself nicely with the media.  I have to say, having TGCPE (Tim Tebow) at the festivities really brings out the best in the media.  I’m just glad Tom Brenneman wasn’t there.

  • I’m sorry, do what?!? On one hand, I applause the will power and courage of conviction.  Truly, I do.  On the other hand, that has to be the greatest waste of opportunity meats talent since Todd Marinovich. Oh, and a special thanks to Clay Travis for bringing it up.
  • Speaking of, doesn’t this make TGCPE the anti-Jim McMahon in many, many ways?
  • I’ve got to be honest.  Voting for Ole Miss to win the SEC is crazier than not voting for TGCPE as first team All-SEC.
  • Although, Spurrier might have made a ‘mistake‘ (and I have no reason to believe it wasn’t), it was funny none the less.
  • Bernie sent his boy over.  Hilarity ensues.
  • Streit, you’re MY Boy!  I didn’t get past the first category before I was refilling.
  • PWD has our back with SEC on the TV.
  • Looks like the Fulmer Cup standings are about to get interesting.  Top 1% of top 1%, my eye.
  • White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle was perfect yesterday.  He owes former Brave Dwayne Wise a car or something.  Wise, coincidentally was a Brave in 04 when Randy Johnson had the last perfect game, against the Braves at Turner Field.  Gordon Beckham had several outs and assists, including a snag on a line drive by Pat Burrell to end the 8th.   My friend the Mayor was there, courtesy of Jim Beam.  Seriously, some guys just live right.
  • I honestly don’t know what to say.  Phil Mickelson is buying into Waffle House.  Come to think of it, that is about right.  There are a surprising number of WH’s in Arizona.  I have often used them as a refuge for sweet tea in a pinch.
  • Speaking of Arizona, I wonder why we aren’t hearing ‘Yeah, but it is a wet heat’ coming from Tempe?
  • In answering Josh’s question:  Only if you send said message to your boss, the preacher, your SO, your mom, the FBI or that weird guy with his hands in his pants that watches you jog by every morning.

Finally, with a huge h/t to Doug at Hey Jenny Slater, this is the best example of why pop music sucks, regardless of the genre of pop it is. Nivana=Rick Astley. There, I said it.

Plus, this is freaking awesome, to boot.


SEC media days levity break

I saw the headline “Wild Turkey terrorizes” and though, I’ve got to look at that.

Honestly, who doesn’t have a problem with Wild Turkey?  Although I don’t try to jump on top of dog houses with Wild Turkey and am less subtle in my approach than this guy:


From the Cornfield – a response

After this post yesterday, a reader took me to task for questioning the idea that Dell McGee was protecting his players.  I originally planned to respond in the comments, but after thinking my response through and deciding that ‘Nuh uh!‘ wasn’t good enough, I decided to make it a post.

Mr. Ball states that the problem was waiting too long to tell Burns that the offer was no good, and that Georgia’s coaches tried to pass the buck to giving that bad news to Burns.  He also posits that it is protecting his players by preventing the big bad college from coming on campus when the big bad college pulled the offer in front of the family.

If I understand the comment correctly, had the offer been pulled in person before he got to Athens, it would have been ok with Mr. Ball?  Yes, Georgia’s coaching staff is culpable.  It was, and Richt personally called McGee to say so and to apologize.  However, Georgia’s coaching staff wasn’t trying to get Carver’s coaches to run interference, they were trying to avoid having the kid and his family come to Athens, if they didn’t want to.

I’m not fine with Burns going somewhere else.  I think Georgia should honor the scholarship.  However, it is far better to let him know now, well before the fall, so he can look at other schools, have them look at him, and make other decisions.  It is beyond that to tell him now than wait until right before signing day or for him to sign, and have those things just ‘work themselves out.’

As for the treatment of Carver’s coaches, how exactly did Georgia’s coaches do anything wrong to Carver’s coaches (other than taking a very cynical view that Richt was “making the high school coach” cover the mistake)?    In fact, last year, when asked about teams moving on when a player isn’t making his mind up fast enough, McGee had this to say:

It doesn’t put Jarvis into a pinch because it’s a college’s choice if they choose to go ahead and take all of their recruits.

So now, it isn’t a college’s choice?  Again, I don’t think UGA should have pulled the offer, but it seems hypocritical to ban a school, when a year ago you are blasé about the same thing happening with a player with many more opportunities.

IF your beef is with them doing this in person, in front of his family, then you can take the last argument and throw it away. You are saying if it had been done in person (or via phone), it would have been less in front of his family?  It would have been more inappropriate to tell this rising senior in high school without his family there.  College isn’t a singular choice made by these 17 and 18 year olds.  It is a family decision.  Georgia told them with his family there and it cost recruiting at a school that Georgia hasn’t done very well at in a few years, coinciding with Coach McGee’s tenure at Carver.

Georgia certainly didn’t behave consistently with the high standards Mark Richt has set for the program.  Coach McGee has the prerogative to ban teams from campus, but that doesn’t mean he is doing it to ‘protect’ his players.  My point was that there is more to the story.

I always welcome comment.  In fact, if Mr. Ball wishes to respond, he is welcome to and do so as a post.  Email me at and I’ll post it without edit (I reserve the right to edit for inappropriate content).


Look, there’s Glenn Beck!

Not really.  I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.  Apparently Columbus Carver head coach Dell McGee has seen enough of Georgia’s coaches around.

“They won’t be recruiting our school right now…”

McGee was miffed over the Dawg’s decision to withdraw a scholarship offer from Devin Burns, his presumptive starting QB, during his visit to Athens recently.  Georgia’s coaches tried to communicate to the Carver coaches that the offer would be withdrawn, but was told they would have to talk with Burns directly.

Richt called McGee, apologized and mentioned that UGA had handled it poorly.  So McGee has to “protect” his kids and keep Georgia off campus.

Yeah, ok.  If you have an offer pulled seven months before signing day, I don’t know how in the world he is going to make it.  Yeah, Georgia shouldn’t have made an offer they weren’t going to honor.  However, someone needs to explain how restricting the coaches from the largest in-state school is protecting them?  This isn’t The Kiffer making jokes about pumping gas or turning off fax machines.   Mark Richt is probably pretty upset over how this went down.

In the end, you have to wonder, what else is at work there?


An old man’s game

For 71 holes, Tom Watson gave us a thrill.  Make that 71 1/2 2/5 holes.  He was the master.  I truly believe had he and Eldrick been in the final pairing, nothing different would have happened during that 71 2/5 holes.  The New Old Tom Watson was the master at his craft once again.  I would even think Watson doesn’t short arm that putt and if the Open Championship is on the line against the guy he is paired with, Watson sinks it.  If you don’t believe me, ask Jack Nicklaus.

I had a great spoof written about Tiger being interviewed and saying obviously the Open Championship had been set up for the old men, noting Watson, Cink and Westwood’s successes. I had a great line about Woods being told Cink and Westwood were only 3 years older than him, and Tiger saying something about them ‘dressing older’ and asking if they were sponsored ‘by Stride Rite or something.’   I just couldn’t make it work after Watson fell apart in the playoff.

I don’t hate Cink.  I think he played great golf for all 76 holes.  Age didn’t finally catch up with Tom, he just did something that every player that has ever walked on the course has done.  Cink didn’t take anything from Tom Watson.  Tom Watson left it out on the 18th hole when he short armed an 8 foot putt.  Cink didn’t short arm that same putt 30 minutes before Watson played his.  That is all and that is all.

Congratulations to Stewart Cink, even if he is a Techie.  Thank you Tom Watson…just thank you.


Ah, the weekend

Here we are, another weekend:

  • Start with David Hale. Always.  He breaks down the 9 Dawgs that make the pre-season All-SEC team, including first teamers Rennie Curran and AJ Green.
  • Interesting thoughts about Mark Sanchez.  What will happen if Pete Carroll was right?
  • As much as I love Lewis Grizzard,the “that Dawg will bite you” story AND hot chicks, I just cannot watch what Spencer Hall did to get Tim Tebow Worshipers to actually listen.  It is sickening, so I would turn the contrast down on your monitor until it is over.
  • Blutarski + The Kiffer= A good blog post, this time on the QB situation in Knoxvegas.
  • Speaking of The Senator, he posits that BYU might be this year’s Utah.  That would make The Holy War a nationally interesting and relevant game this season.
  • Maize n Brew Dave is thinking about how to annoy SEC fans.  They left out losing to App State, since, you know, we had to hear about how tough the SoCon is constantly from all 10 of their fans.  New Wolverine zeitgeist or just jealousy over the hot women and warm weather?
  • T. Kyle eloquently and perfectly responds.
  • Bubba and Earl are counting it down.
  • The Alligator Army has a thoughtful and reasoned approach to the St. Urban to Notre Dame story.  Of course, they already pay to sit in seat 37F.
  • While I might agree with the sentiment Erik at The Deep South Sports Report expresses, I do like me some off season Finebaum.
  • Glenn Beck vs. Mike Gundy.  They are both men, right?  I think Doug Gillett needs these two in a cage match.
  • Bernie might need to see my quick turnaround specialist after a week at the beach and a wedding reception with an open bar, which in my house we like to call ‘the recipe for disaster.’

Finally, SEC media days are happening next week.  What is your over under time and date on The Kiffer and St. Urban getting into a verbal altercation in the media?

A Georgia Dawg in the Mid-West alone with his thoughts.

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