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Coaches as bands

You know, the whole “Coaches as…” meme may be so 2008. PWD did Coaches as South Park Characters. Garnet and Black attack did Coaches as figures from Romantic Lititure and Philosophy.   Even The Capstone Report did Coaches as CEO’s.

Wait those last two were this year.

So, I was listening to John Tesh the other day and realized OH MY GOD, WHAT AM I DOING IN A DEPARTMENT STORE!  Luckily, Ms. Bulldog in Exile assured me that I was there with her and that we were soon to leave for wing night at BW3’s, so a crisis was averted.

While listening to Tesh, doing all of Yanni’s greatest hits, it struck me that there is a correlation between musical artists and SEC coaches.

Nick Saban=David Lee Roth:  Both are widely revered and vilified.  Both have plenty of ability.  Both have been number one.  Both have failed miserably.  Both are egoistical dbags.  Bonus: There is a ‘Just a Gigilo’ joke here somewhere.

Bobby Petrino=George Michael: Both are living off of success they had some time ago.  Both have had to sneak out of town under suspicious circumstances. However, there is no word on Petrino’s interest in public bathrooms.

Gene Chizik=William Hung:  What?!?  I mean, what?!?

Urban Meyer=Toby Keith:  You either love them or hate them.  You cannot deny their talent.  You cannot deny they are jackasses (even though personally, I like one of them).  Both are possessed of a love it or leave it mentality.

Mark Richt=Vince Gill:  Great coach/musician.  Good men.  Both have bad streaks that they only let out when they need to.

Rich Brooks=Tony Bennett:  Both had success a long time ago in another place and time.  Both have had a resurgence in a place that no one would have thought they could have.

Les Miles=Willie Nelson: Incredibly successful, no matter how hard they try to piss it all away.

Houston Nutt=Ozzy Osborne:  Of all the things they have lost, they’ll miss their mind the most.

Dan Mullen=Dave Groll:  The both got breaks because of the guy they worked with. Both were a big reason for the success of their former ‘mentors.’  It remains to be seen if Dan Mullen can pull off what Dave Grohl did and actually produce a better product than his mentor did.  At least Urban Meyer can handle success.

Steve Spurrier=Rolling Stones:  Once relevant and the Kings of their genres.  Now, relegated to everything they have feared they would become.  Yeah, Keith Richards and Steve Spurrier are good for a few quotes, but at the end of the day, who honestly is going to pay $45 to see either of their shows?  Only the die hard fans.

The Kiffer=Jonas Brothers: They are so cute and have so little substance.

Bobby Johnson=Presidents of the United States of America: Both have done an awful lot with very little talent.

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David Hale: the man, the myth, the legend

I’ll give you a few seconds to re-read his post on what Kyle

rat(ed) somewhere between “Urban Meyer is going to Notre Dame” and “Lane Kiffin has a plan” on the preposterosity-o-meter.

When someone starts with me on the “Richt BETTER get it done this year” or “Richt BETTER fire Willie” or “That Ishtar WAS a good movie,” I usually just shake my head and think that person needs to get some perspective.  The only time I have actively engaged in the debate, the only real argument I could come up with was “You ARE an idiot.”

Thank goodness, David Hale laid out what I wanted to say, but couldn’t figure out how to say it.

Hale points out the obvious, rational part of the argument, that Mark Richt has a tremendous record as football coach, wining almost 80% of his games.  He points out that Mark Richt also led Georgia to a tie with LSU for the best record of all SEC teams during his tenure.  The part I couldn’t get right was what Hale nailed:  Who would you trade Mark Richt for?

Think about that, who?

I will grant that just because you like someone isn’t a good reason to hang on to them as coach.  But as Paul Westerdawg pointed out during the Auburn coaching change debacle, if you are going to fire someone who has brought you great success, you at least should improve.  Otherwise, you are just…Auburn. Or Nebraska. Or UCLA. Or Tennessee.

Hale lists the active coaches that have proven they can win a championship, by virtue of having won one.  The list is a who’s who: Urban Meyer, Les Miles, Mack Brown, Pete Carroll, Bob Stoops, Nick Saban, Jim Tressel, Butch Davis, Phil Fulmer (potentially active), Bobby Bowden, Steve Spurrier, Joe Paterno and Dennis Erickson.

Hale saved his money shot for last:

But here’s the question I want to ask that vocal minority (and anyone else who wants to answer it): Look at that list again and tell me, which of those coaches would drop what they’re doing now to come to Georgia? And of those, is there even one that you’d spend more than two seconds considering swapping Mark Richt for?

I have read that paragraph five times and am struck by the simplicity and power of it.  The answers are no one and no one, forever and ever.  Amen.

I’m just sayin’….

I love y'all this much.

I love y'all this much.


Yeah, it was all Houston Nutt’s fault

This won’t go over well in Springdale.  Neither Pete Carroll nor Mike Garrett care.

As Carroll put it, former Arkansas QB and transfer Mitch Mustain will be third string in the spring and will “will continue to battle his way up.”

As O’shea put it: “fortunately, his mom is 1800 miles away from LA.”



Mustain isn’t happy (that’s not a surprise).  He talked to Scott Wolf at inside SoCal.  Jeremy Bates, USC’s QB coach gave a couple of reasons for Mustain’s coronation as the number three QB, chief among them a failure to sustain drives and third down production generally.  Countered Mustain,

That’s something me and (Bates) talked about and I’ll keep it with us. That’s their interpretation.

I am guessing I could file this under the prior title about Karma and all.  I guess you could also be pretty snarky and make the observation that Mustain’s performance in high school was as much about this guy and this guy than anything he did.  The same could be said for these guys his freshman year in Fayetteville.

Again O’shea has the comment of the moment: “This will end well, I am sure.”


Maybe a no offers to juniors rule is a good thing

After reading this on Tai-ler Jones.

I don’t like doing much on recruiting.  First, I think it is kinda like counting chickens pre hatch.  Second, as silly as I feel getting worked up over 17-18 year olds in February, I feel that much more about getting worked up over 16-17 year olds in April.  Third, there are plenty of people who are much better at it and know far more than I’d ever be comfortable knowing about aforesaid mentioned 16-18 year olds.  However, Jones comments that Georgia’s scholarship offer ‘came so late’ make me think puleeesseee!

Good luck, Mr. Jones.  I truly mean that.  You made a great choice for academics.  Your comments make me think your intelligence may be more book smarts than anything.


Not that this has anything to do with anything

But Mal Moore hired Grant from VCU yesterday to coach Alabama.  The Dawgs are still very quiet (the official Dawgs, not the bloggerati and media).

Two things about this hire (as I noted last night in a comment responding to Jimmy Cracked Corndawg).  First, this tells me all I need to know about who is closer to right about Donovan’s future in Gainesville (hint, it is not channel 35 in Orlando).  Grant and Donovan are tight.  The only (sound) reason I can think of for Grant to leave Moore twisting in the wind is UK’s decision could have an impact on which SEC program Grant might end up at.  With UK running Joe Billy off and Donovan sending statements about his commitment to UF before the Kentucky HR disaster was over, Grant knew Bama was his place.  Grant pulled the trigger.

Second, I trust Damon.  It has been well observed (again by both the media, please put aside it is Bradley, and the bloggerati) that this is Damon’s signature hire, possibly (hopefully) of his whole AD tenure.  He has to get this right (for examples of why, go back and watch the news conference from Auburn after Tubberville was fired or when Chizic was hired).  He has a boss that will absolutely throw him under the bus if he gets it wrong.  He is fishing in very deep water with a very big pole.  He is probably dealing with the mostest shrewd agent on earth, one that has bought and renamed a small country Sextonia dealing with lesser ADs in the SEC.  He has a fanbase that is teetering on a precipice that will either go to complete, rabid support of basketball or to ‘why are we spending money on this crap’.  He has to get this right.

So, where does that leave Georgia?  Either we have established back channel communications with one or more of the coaches still in the tournament or Damon is completely lost in the woods.  I don’t think there is any other way it can be, at least to my way of thinking.

So that leaves us with

Show me the money!

Show me the money!

or (shall we dream?)

Ok, I know it is a reach, but why not reach? He left UK to coach the Celtics, why not leave the 'ville to coach Georgia?

Ok, I know it is a reach, but why not reach? He left UK to coach the Celtics, why not leave the 'ville to coach Georgia?

One last thought, this won’t be a crazy, out of left field hire.  We might not get one of the guys we have been hearing about.  We might not get someone who is still in the tournament.  We will get someone with a solid coaching background, who has been a winner, who has shown the ability to coach, recruit and be the face of a program.  Damon has seen what happens when your react to a fanbase or decide you have to be the prettiest girl in the media room during the hiring process.  He is ok with being (metaphorically) the one that goes home with the prince at the end of the dance.  That is why it will be a good hire.


Ewwww. Just Ewwww.

Seriously, I think this is the quote of the weekend:

We started clapping, sort of like one of those ‘Ah, this feels awkward’ kind of things…

YA THINK!  Full grown men taking their shirts off as a ‘motivational’ tactic got me to thinking, who else shouldn’t try this:

There is a moob or two waiting to get out here.

There is a moob or two waiting to get out here.

Someone get an iron.

Someone get an iron.

Yeah, neither one of them.

Yeah, neither one of them.

I don't think this one needs any explaination.

I don't think this one needs any explaination.


Ah, the weekend – special where, oh where have you gone edition

Sorry for the radio silence.  Unexpected travel and work.

A couple of thoughts I had while I was away:

  • Does it seem more and more that Lane Kiffin either just doesn’t think anyone pays attention or doesn’t give a crap that they do?  GTP has a great rundown on The Kiffer’s latest lie expansion of the truth.
  • Speaking of expanding the truth, I present  Gene Chizik, the anti-The Kiffer.
  • Thank God, PWD put this on the table.  I was beginning to think I was the only one who thought going winless could happen and that it was as much the basketball team as the coaching.
  • Ok, I am new to this, but are bloggers really that big a deal to ‘real’ media types?  Mitch Albom thinks so.  If bloggers are so bad, get off your ass, talk about relevant issues and stop being pissed that you are getting upstaged by people who are, you know, doing a better job at your job than you are.  Commie.  Ok, I am better now.
  • Speaking of, I guess spending extra time hidden in the basement with the supper sized bag of Dorito’s isn’t limited to bloggers.
  • I hope this one doesn’t come down to a last second field goal.  The Old Man might not be able to take it anymore.
  • Warning: Hyperbole and stupidity abounds.  You get to decide which is which.
  • Filed under Bloggers have Bills, too.  Wow, is the economy bad in Michigan.
  • Any TV is good TV.  Regretfully, for WAC/MAC/Conf USA/Big East teams, this isn’t good for those team’s chances at getting noticed by polsters.

A Georgia Dawg in the Mid-West alone with his thoughts.

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