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So, football season starts today?

Last week, I thought a little about the season opener in Stillwater.  I felt then, as I feel now, that I like where Georgia is at mentally.  I have to say, I am very happy the team has made it to now with very few distractions and other nonsense, unlike the past few seasons.  Of course, there are plenty of reasons for that, but one that cannot be disavowed is the true sense of leadership coming from multiple places on the team.

I don’t say that as a way to call out anyone from last season, but it was evident at key points in the season the team lacked leadership in key areas.  We all heard (or at least read into) the comments about the team needing to step up.  This off season has been about accountability, carrying the load, and everyone stepping up. I like it.

The Dawgs are picked to finish as a ten length runner up to Florida in the SEC East.  Here’s hoping the prognostications are wrong.  The next few days may have a lot to say about that, as training camp injuries ended up playing a big role in the way Georgia lost last season, particularly the Alabama game.  I don’t know why, and I cannot say with any certainty it isn’t just hopeful bravado, but I’ve got a feeling about this team.

Does Joe Cox=Matt Stafford? Of course not.  Does King+Samuel+Thomas=Moreno? I don’t see how.  Then again, Georgia’s greatest teams have rarely been about superstar talent at two positions.  Usually, it is about one great player and several other pretty special players or special players on both sides of the ball.

So, who will the special players be.  If Joe Cox gets longer than 4 seconds to find AJ Green on less than three on one, as long as AJ isn’t 65 yards down field, I like his chances.  IF AJ is covered like my daughters will be on their first date, Cox should find Moore, Troupe, White or King plenty open.  Plus, King and Samuel are no slouches and can bring game.  As a bonus, the D should be pretty close to 2003 2002 levels and certainly will be better than last season.  If they get there, we could be in for an awful lot of nailbiting wins.

I’ve got to be honest, I’ll take 3 point wins all season and see you in New Orleans come New Years, thank you very much.

I realize this is a bit of a rambling piece.  I realize I might have just predicted a season many think impossible this year.  I am just saying my gut, which is substantial, is telling me something.  The next few weeks will have a bit to say about my gut, as well.  Joe Cox looks like another part of the anatomy, I can easily feel different before we go to Stillwater.  Right now, in the basking glow of my living room and a cool beverage in my hand, the possibilities are endless.

Football season starts today.  Go Damn Dawgs!


An old man’s game

For 71 holes, Tom Watson gave us a thrill.  Make that 71 1/2 2/5 holes.  He was the master.  I truly believe had he and Eldrick been in the final pairing, nothing different would have happened during that 71 2/5 holes.  The New Old Tom Watson was the master at his craft once again.  I would even think Watson doesn’t short arm that putt and if the Open Championship is on the line against the guy he is paired with, Watson sinks it.  If you don’t believe me, ask Jack Nicklaus.

I had a great spoof written about Tiger being interviewed and saying obviously the Open Championship had been set up for the old men, noting Watson, Cink and Westwood’s successes. I had a great line about Woods being told Cink and Westwood were only 3 years older than him, and Tiger saying something about them ‘dressing older’ and asking if they were sponsored ‘by Stride Rite or something.’   I just couldn’t make it work after Watson fell apart in the playoff.

I don’t hate Cink.  I think he played great golf for all 76 holes.  Age didn’t finally catch up with Tom, he just did something that every player that has ever walked on the course has done.  Cink didn’t take anything from Tom Watson.  Tom Watson left it out on the 18th hole when he short armed an 8 foot putt.  Cink didn’t short arm that same putt 30 minutes before Watson played his.  That is all and that is all.

Congratulations to Stewart Cink, even if he is a Techie.  Thank you Tom Watson…just thank you.


From the cornfield

Sorry for absence.  Work, honey dos and kids have regretfully superseded my written word therapy this week.  Fortunately, the kids are asleep, my BB is off and no one knows where to find me right now, so we’re off to the cornfield.

  • The Kiffer knows talent when he sees it.  Too bad the kid will never play football for anyone remotely named Kiffin, unless of course it is 12 years down the road in the arena league.
  • A point the Senator makes much better and with more humor than I just did.
  • PWD comes through on vacation with a pretty good post about defending the option.  Warning, the video isn’t for the faint of heart.  It is like watching your own surgery, if you were awake and coherent for the surgery the first time.
  • USA!USA!US…wait, soccer is played for 90+3 minutes?  I have say it was pretty amazing the way they played after pool play and disappointing to lose in the championship, but I did like the abject disappointment from the American players.  Shows that they are tired of moral victories.
  • Kyle, as usual, nails it.  This time in explaining the typical Georgia football fan.  The only thing I would add is his failure to explain our female fans are usually more knowledgeable than many of our male rivals fans.
  • Congratulations, Mackie.
  • Cousin Walter has a nice write up on who is better:  Julio Jones or AJ Green.
  • Yeah, what he said.
  • Bernie pines for the days of feathered hair and locking the door for 3 minutes at a time.  Now that I think about it, I do, too.

Finally, regarding the deck collapse in Atlanta (that fortunately no one got hurt in), Ms. Bulldog in Exile commented, “Must have been Reggie Ball’s senior project.”

God, I love her.


Thoughts from the cornfield

  • Cupcakes, Inc. will play Bill Curry’s Georgia State Wildpanters (or whatever) for the season ender at Bryant-Denny stadium in 2010.  I swear I got kind of excited, then realized it was State, not Tech.  Curry will leave Tuscaloosa for Lexington soon thereafter.
  • PWD is looking to join the Vol Navy, at least for a game.  I am guessing I don’t get an invite.
  • Georgia just got even more flush. Interesting tidbit about a new broadcast crew being named to replace Munson.  My guess is that Scott Howard will be named permanently to the play by play and we’ll see someone else in the booth with Belue to do color/analysis.
  • Bernie thinks this is all part of Richt’s plan.  I like the distracting the team and media angle.  Too bad it didn’t work last year.
  • Tim Floyd, ex-USC basketball coach.  Thank goodness he decided to spurn Athens for Los Angeles.  PWD gives a compliment, of sorts, to Coach Felton.
  • The Senator wonders if TGCPE can help remediate the ways of the Gator’s go to attorney.
  • Speaking of, interesting how St. Urban’s press machine is quick to point out that the arrest problem in Gainesville is that other guy’s recruits.  Of course, said other guy isn’t having the best luck with his recruits at his new school.

    Illinois is tops in the Big 10 in somethings.

    Illinois is tops in the Big 10 in something (openly scammed from EDSBS).


From the cornfield – special headin’ south edition

Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, Saturday evening, I’ll roll big pimpin’ style into Southeast Georgia.  By big pimpin’ I don’t mean like Auburn or even Mack.  I mean, me and the three kids are packing up the Wagon Queen Family Truckster and heading South.

You think you hate it now, wait unitl you drive it.

You think you hate it now, wait unitl you drive it.

So anyway….

  • The Braves say buhbye to Tom Glavine.  I am not so sure how I feel about this.  On one hand, you’d like to think Frank Wren worked out something with Glavine first, because, you know, he kinda deserves that.  On the other, I am not so sure Frank Wren has any idea what he is doing.
  • Speaking of Glavine: Thanks for being a Brave.  You nearly single handedly made me think folks from Boston are cool.
  • Gordon Beckham, Chicago White Sox. Good luck, Gordo.  You are a DGD.
  • Rex Robinson explains kicking and how it has changed.  Paul Westerdawg says get off Blair Walsh’s back.  The Senator uses numbers to prove a point.  So nothing is different, but we are all smarter for it.
  • Bwahahahaha.  Funny thing, though.  The Illinois fans are pissed.  They really enjoyed kicking the season off there and thought there was nothing but good to come from playing a border rival in a border city, even if they aren’t very successful there in the recent past.  I don’t often say this, but the Illinois fans have it right.
  • Speaking of Illinois, Steele likes them.  I hope his bowl matchup prediction is wrong.  I will get so little joy from Georgia winning an Outback Bowl against them (they’ll just shrug and ask what time the basketball game is, similar to my reaction after this debacle) and will have to leave the state if the Dawgs lose it (so there is an upside of sorts).

So I am signing out for a few days.  I’ll be checking in from South Georgia here and there, but last one out of Illinois, don’t forget to turn off the lights.

A little Family Guy to keep you company:


From the corn field – An open letter to Jim Delaney

1500 West Higgins Road
Park Ridge, IL 60068-6300

Dear Mr. Delaney,

Let me start by thanking you for your contributions to collegiate athletics.  Your vibrant forethought has brought us such innovations as instant replay, the Big 10 channel and the Motor City Bowl.  We are forever in your debt.  Conferences don’t win three national championships in the top two revenue sports in 20 years without that kind of leadership.  Without your strong leadership, the nuttiness of collegiate baseball players being forced to leave Minnesota in February to travel to warm weather states instead of practicing on an indoor tennis court until March, when it is only fair for everyone to start playing at home, would still be the norm.

Now that Mr. Paterno is advocating Your conference add a championship game for football, I feel it is necessary to come to your defense.  Mr. Paterno points to “other conferences” playing games after Thanksgiving as reasoning the Big 10 should add a twelfth team to the conference and play a conference championship game, noting the increased exposure such a game brings those conferences.  He also mentions the value of competition at least two weeks later into the season, presumably as a nice way to help Big 10 teams prepare for the bowl season. Regretfully, Mr. Paterno is just too old and out of touch to understand the need to rest those athletes during that time.

This isn’t 1989, where teams have to earn their way into good bowl games with both solid records and a fan base that travels well.  This is 2009, where teams are virtually slotted into a good bowl game, despite going 8-4. We owe our gratitude to you for that, as well. Furthermore, there is no value in having teams that just played each other playing again in front of a national television audience.  I just don’t see many people traveling to Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit or Cleveland to see the top two teams in the conference play.  Besides, there is a devastating effect if you have an undefeated team lose that game, knocking them out of a potential national championship game slot, thus losing the likelihood of scoring two teams in the BCS bowls.  No, thank you.

Mr. Paterno also mentions a couple of teams the Big 10 could add.  I view Rutgers, Syracuse and Pitt with derision, as well.  Notre Dame is the only worthy team to add to the Big 10.  That is becoming more evident year in and year out, as the Irish and the Big 10’s football priorities, achievements, and aspirations have come very close to merging.  Next, Mr. Paterno will want to ease academic restrictions to allow faster athletes into the Big 10.  You must not allow this to happen.

Mr. Delaney, you stand alone between the anarchy of the new and the safety of the old.  Please keep up the good fight.


Bulldog in Exlie


(the name that shall not be spoken) moves indoors? A tardy response from the plains.

The relationship between Jacksonville and the Georgia-Florida game has been one of debate and consternation for nearly 30 years.  In the 70s and 80s, Florida fans decried the decrepit stadium, mayhem in the stadium and the dangerous neighborhood around it when whispers that maybe a home and home arrangement made more sense.  The (name that shall not be spoken) game WAS played at a decrepit old stadium that literally swayed with the masses of humanity, piled red and black to orange and blue section to section.  The neighborhood was shady (as a side note, in 94, the last game before the old Gator Bowl was torn down, my folk’s tour bus got shot up and their window was shot out on Duval).  In the days before Veterans Memorial Arena, the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville, and the parking venues that have been built to accommodate an NFL team, Jacksonville Memorial Coluseum and Sam Wolfson Park were surrounded by old houses and the Maxwell House Plant.  It was, to put it nicely, not a good part of town.

While Georgia fans saw the same conditions, it was different for us.  We enjoyed the trip to Jacksonville.  Munson’s comments after the Run, Lindsay, Run! call were dead on.  All those Dawg people with all those places in Saint Simons, Jekyll, and all those other places for the weekend were there for the party.  Jacksonville was a red and black town.  The largest Bulldog club outside of the state was (and still is) there.  My, how losing changes the perspecitve.

Paul Westerdawg lays out the best arguments for keeping the game in Jacksonville, succinctly summing the situation up asWe’re chicken shit if we leave”.

Orson at EDSBS has a more sarcastic and dead on reason: the Dome would be like Jacksonville was in 94.

As a native of Southeast Georgia, there was something comforting as a child about all the cars with students wearing red and black making the trek down Hwy 15 to Jacksonville.  I remember the Red Coats’ annual trek through Southeast Georgia, making stops in places such as Vidalia, Jesup and Waycross, playing impromptu concerts as crowds gathered.  As a junior in high school, I resolved to go to Georgia and only apply there after seeing a car with freshman girls unload at the Oak Plaza Restaurant in Blackshear on Wednesday before that year’s game (the Bell to Nattiel game).  Although I had firmly been a Dawg fan my whole life, I figured any place with girls that pretty traveling to a football game on Wednesday was perfect for me.  I was right.

I do want to give a hat tip to Kyle at Dawg Sports.  Kyle lays out another good reason to keep the game in Jacksonville.  If we leave, we are ceding the whole of South Georgia to Florida and FSU.  I don’t live there now and haven’t since I graduated from high school.  However, there are no telling how many students that only consider Georgia would consider other options if they don’t have the shared experiences of over half the student body and many, many fans making the trip to Jacksonville. How many Albany, Valdosta, Tifton, Camden, Charlton, Ware and Glynn County kids go elsewhere because they won’t get to play close to home?  I just think it is short sighted reasoning and a puss out move.

Stanfill's from Albany.  Spurier still doesn't sleep without checking if he's under the bed.  Good enough reason for me to keep it in Jax.

Stanfill's from Albany. Spurier still doesn't sleep without checking if he's under the bed. Good enough reason for me to keep it in Jax.

From a business perspective, the state does benefit from a game in Jacksonville.  Think gas taxes.  Think hotel rooms and restaurants in the Golden Isles.  Think tour groups running eleventeen hundred buses from the Golden Isles to the game.  Yeah, if the (name that shall not be spoken) game were in the ATL, the state gets more of that money, but you cannot have the discussion of moving it without discussing the loss of revenue in Southeast Georgia resulting from moving it.

With the discussion recently being brought up, I hope this is all posturing to help get a favorable deal out of Jacksonville.  The most recent comments from Damon and Coach Richt do indicate that this is a fishing story on the part of the AJC (what Dawg fans have long been rankled?) or a trial balloon by the Atlanta Sports Council.  Just as we played good cop in the 80’s in keeping the game there, here’s hoping the rolls have reversed, with Jeremy Foley playing the good cop and Damon (or his proxies) playing bad cop.

Besides, if we play in Atlanta every year (or even every fourth year), doesn’t it take away from the excitement of making the SEC championship game (or at least taunts involving playing in Atlanta the first weekend in December)?

A Georgia Dawg in the Mid-West alone with his thoughts.

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